How Can Market Street Self Storage in Bloomington Illinois Help Your Business?

Self Storage

Two Face LLC
May 16th, 2023

Main hustle, side hustle or anything in between - self-storage can help your business! Market Street Self Storage, located in Bloomington in McClean County near Illinois Wesleyan University, Illinois State University, and the Rivian factory is the answer. How exactly can Self Storage help your business? Let’s take a look:

1 – Regulatory Document Retention Requirements Lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers and more have regulatory requirements around document retention. So what do you do with all that paper work? While you can certainly get a file cabinet in your office, do you really want to? Get rid of that file cabinet, free up space and de-clutter your office while still keeping your documents to be in compliance with your document retention requirements. Market Street Self Storage conveniently located in Bloomington offers different types of units - both climate controlled and drive up units - at different price points to fit any budget and requirement. Give us a call!

2 – Extra Inventory Has your business taken over your basement and garage but not quite ready to get that warehouse space just yet? Self storage is for you. Many businesses and side hustles use storage to store their extra inventory. If you have a growing Etsy, eBay or Amazon business and need extra space in the Bloomington-Normal area of generally in McClean County, Market Street Self Storage is for you

3 – Tools, tools and more tools Philips Head or Flat Head? 3/8 inch or 7/16 inch? The reality is that you can only fit so much in your truck. Where to put the extras when they can’t fit in your truck? Market Street Self Storage is the answer. We can help your business efficiency – whatever business or stage of your business we can keep your business moving “up and to the right”. If you're looking for top notch service combined with unbeatable value, then Market Street Self Storage in Bloomington Illinois should be your first choice. We offer competitive rates on all sizes of units making us one of the most cost effective options around town. So don't wait any longer, come check us out today and get started with your unit right here at Market Street Self Storage.

Key Takeaway: Self storage can help maximize your business. At Market Street Self Storage in Bloomington, Illinois, you can get an affordable unit and help your business grow without having to sacrifice valuable space in your home.

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