Need a Home Office but Don't Have the Space? With Market Street Self Storage You Do

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Two Face LLC
November 28th, 2023

Life changed forever with the COVID-19 pandemic. Being at home for over a year brought to light many things – from your personal living situation to your newfound relationship with work. Whereas before, people mostly worked from an office, now many people either work remotely or have a hybrid model.

When people move to remote work, what happens? Depending on the time frame of the work and your home situation you may do work from a dining room table, or whatever you have that makes sense. However, if work from home is going to be something that is part of your ongoing routine, whether in a hybrid role or an all virtual role, the dining room table may not be sufficient. You may need a home office.

A home office can take many different forms. Depending on your company, role and specific job functions, you may need to have multiple computer screens, a camera for Zoom, Teams or WebEx calls and / or a printer. You want to look like a pro and be ready for the job! As such, you may need to convert an existing room or section of a room to a home office. But what to do with what is in the space already? You need Market Street Self Storage for a successful home office set up.

At Market Street Self Storage, located in Bloomington in McClean County near Illinois Wesleyan University, Illinois State University, and the Rivian factory, we have gate access, multiple different unit sizes and month to month contracts. Stay as long or as little as you want – but we think once you try Market Street Self Storage and see how convenient storage is, you won’t give up your unit!

Key Takeaway: Self storage is the key to a successful home office. At Market Street Self Storage in Bloomington, Illinois, you can get an affordable unit and create your own personalized home office without getting rid of your belongings.

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